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Looking for a trusted, professional roofing contractor in the West Midlands? Maybe you require a free, no-obligation quote on a job that needs attention? Welcome to Smith Roofing & Services LTD, fully insured £10,000,000 employers liability and £5,000,000 public liability.

We give our customers what they want, peace of mind, excellent workmanship, customer service along with complying with current building regulations.

Need a New Flat Roof? – We Provide Professional, affordable Flat Roofs

We offer a comprehensive range of roof replacement systems for every type of residential property:

  • Felt roof – Positives – low cost, proven results, suits roofs of any size – Negatives – not suitable for regular foot fall, requires heat to install, not DIY friendly, suffers from a poor reputation from older systems – More info here
  • Asphalt roof – Positives – Competitively priced, hard wearing, suitable for most sizes, long lifespan – Negatives – relatively heavy and requires a strong roof structure, not flexible, not DIY friendly – More info here
  • EPDM rubber roof – Positives – lightweight, flexible, hard wearing, no naked flames required, can be DIY installed – Negatives – not pretty and even ugly if overlooked, may shrink over the years, may not suit complex detailing, can attract poor installers – More info here
  • GRP fibreglass roof – Positives – lightweight, hard wearing, no hot flame, resists vandalism, truly jointless, pretty, long lifespan, can be DIY installed – Negatives – not very flexible, does not suit large surface areas easily, slippy when new – More info here
  • Single ply membrane like PVC, TPO, TPE, & PIB – Positives – lightweight, flexible, pleasant to look at, handles slopes and large areas, fairly durable, fire resistant – Negatives – Costs more to install than other flat roof systems in a domestic setting, may not suit regular footfall, or complex details – More info here

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